Garage Cleanout

I need help cleaning out our garage!

Remember when you actually had a car in your garage? That one box turned into 2, then 4, then the next thing you know it has become your go to storage location. The car sat out all winter long under a carport you purchased because of your new found storage unit.  Give Jarhead Junk a call today!  If you are tech savvy and wish to snap some pictures, you can send them via text or email and we will respond with a quote right away. *MILLENNIALS BEWARE* If you have questions and wish to actually speak to a live human being we have one of those too! 

A garage cleanout  is not the end of the world. Although having to sort through things sometimes feels that way, all it takes is a little planning. Give Jarhead Junk a call for a quick and hassle free quote and see just how fast we can get that car back in the garage! CALL TODAY... (260) 333-5865

I am READY to get my car back in the garage...

OK! IF you have contacted Jarhead Junk for your FREE No Hassle Quote and you are ready to go, trust that you have called Fort Wayne's and Lafayette's Indiana leading cleanout experts to get the job done fast and efficiently! We advise our customers to take  the time to go through the area and pick out the immediate items that you'd like to keep in the garage. If you are up to it, go ahead and rummage through the whole space and sort out what stays and what goes. Either label or set it all in separate piles. If you haven't reserved a day yet, go online to our booking calendar and reserve the best day and time that works for you. Be sure that we will be in constant contact with you before your desired date and time via text, phone, or email. BOOK NOW

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